February 2009
Crew in Antigua
Crew Having Fun in Antigua Crew Having Fun in Antigua

The crew / charter parties are truly one of the best parts of any Charter Show.  Step through the lens with us during the 2008 Antigua Charter Yacht Show.


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Mate of the Month
Charles Heckroodt Charles Heckroodt

I got started in the yachting industry about five years ago. When deciding on a career path it only made sense to stick with what I love.  I joined a 40foot catamaran in Cape Town and sailed the 7000 miles to Miami, Florida where I started my search.


Ports of Call
Say Aloha to Hawaii Say Aloha to Hawaii

Historically, Hawai‘i has been a popular port of call for whalers and military vessels. Prior to Western contact, Hawai‘i was colonized by some of the greatest seafarers the world has ever seen: Polynesian wayfinders


Anita Valium's Guide to Getting Hired
In Reference To

Following the previous installment of how not to interview like a complete Muppet, I would like to add a little note about your references. Rather than give you the usual run down on job finding do’s and don’ts in a polite, informative, and rather tedious manner I prefer to give you the inside information and the juicy stuff.  Finding a job can be fun too, you know.


Superyacht Cup
Superyacht Cup Antigua 2008 Superyacht Cup Antigua 2008

Images from the 2008 Superyacht Cup Antigua. Thank you Capt. Ross and the crew from S/Y Kalikobass II for letting me tag along!


Life Aboard
Relationships in the Yachting World Relationships in the Yachting World

By all accounts, crew love does not have to be quick, sloppy shags on the beach or under a bridge after drinking enough rhum to float the Maltese Falcon.  Nor must it be the fore mentioned tearful long distance trauma. None-the-less, most readers have participated at least one of these rituals, if not both, on numerous occasions during their yachting career.


The Captain's Voice
A Problem Solved

The ability to problem solve through critical logical thinking is probably one of the most underestimated attributes that a mega yacht captain or crew member can possess.


Yachts of Antigua Yachts of Antigua

On a Caribbean night, there are very few things that are better than simply strolling the dock and absorbing the sights and sounds.  Here is a collection of images through my eyes during the 2008 Antigua Charter Yacht Show.


Crew News
Crew News
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Stew of the Month
Zoe Stone

I started in the yachting industry 4 years ago, after doing a ski season in Andorra. After that I headed to the sunny Cote d'Azur for the summer and within 3 days was on a yacht sailing the Meditaranian Sea!!

Working Life
Be Nice and Share

Was my roommate retarded? How did she figure that because I wasn’t drinking for six weeks, a personal detoxification that I do every year, I couldn’t eat pizza? Perhaps I needed to clarify it for her because maybe she plops her pizza in a blender and adds vodka.

Profile of a Charter Chef
Profile of a Charter Chef: Chef Andrea Clark

Tall, slender, blond and beautiful…and can she cook!  Andrea Clark, age 33, born in Bowen Brisbane, the Whitsunday Coast in Queensland Australia has had an extremely interesting and adventurous life

PRAKTEK / AERE 10th Anniversary Party

Congratulations to the team at PRAKTEK / AERE on celebrating their 10th Anniversary!  Here are some pics from the SXM Event!

Crew Community
That's What Friends are For

So there I was treading water nose to nose with our 50 something male charter guest who was spitting blood, hyperventilating, and on the verge of panic. This is where all your years of Red Cross lifeguard training, and STCW refreshers kick in.

9th Annual Antigua Concours de Chef Winners

The 9th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show Concours de Chefs Winners Announced.  The chefs were creative and talented, the competition was tough, and the scores close.

Who is Today's Charter Client

Who is the typical megayacht charter client today? And, will they be chartering tomorrow in these tough economic times?

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