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The JOY of Stewardessing
Written by Anita Valium   
When I first started my illustrious career (ahem!) as a crew agent, my first duty was to interview and place stewardesses. What a very interesting and diverse group of people. That was a serious comment, not a sarcastic one...
Tender Feelings
Written by Captain Chris Schaeffer   
During the first trip the owner took the tender for a spin, returned 20 minutes later and stated that it was a toy for the kids. He wanted something more substantial, minimum of 25’ with diesel inboard and a good dive deck. You can imagine my surprise at this.
Surf's up with VSAT
Written by Nick Marshall   

VSAT stands for ‘Very Small Aperture Terminal' and refers to the comparatively modest (3.8 meter diameter and below) antenna that can send and receive data to a communications satellite in space.

Interviewing techniques which will help you land your dream job!
Written by Christina Bridge   

One of the most important things that you can do to make sure that your interview gets off to the right start is to arrive on time and thank the interviewer for his or her time. Regardless, of whether you are being interviewed by a Crew Agent, a Captain, a Crew member, Manager or Owner, it is imperative that you present yourself professionally.