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Finding Crew in the Caribbean Print E-mail
Written by Anita Valium   
Saturday, 01 December 2007 00:00

Never before had I been in such a fix for crew as when the owner of the boat told me he wanted it in Italy in six weeks time. "Yyyyyyes," I said, "it's possible!"

After losing a crewmember, I was wondering how I was going to get to the end of the season just hiring temporary crew. I wasn't expecting for a second that I would be packing up my home and heading for Italy to do an entire summer of charters as well.

I called around, but my first call was to a very dear Tortolan friend who I had met over 10 years before. "How do you fancy delivering Wonderful across the Atlantic?" I asked.

"No Problem," he replied, followed by "When?" A little hesitant, I announced that we couldn't wait more than a week as we had just confirmed a charter in Napoli in six weeks' time.

Lawrence laughed out loud for about 20 seconds. I could only imagine he was going to call me an idiot and give me a list of commitments that lasted well into the next two or three months. He is a Moorings and Sunsail bareboat captain, after all.

"You're F#$%*&$% crazy, maaaaaan! I've got a couple of charters lined up over the next month, but I'll call the Moorings and see if they can find another skipper," he said.  "If they can, I'm in!"

Lawrence "Silver Tip" Potter had sailed with me all the way to Florida and back the year before under a similar, but typical, time constraint. He has shown me the pleasure of sailing with a West Indian crew member and, after a total of 12,000 miles at sea together, I consider him to be my first mate.

Aside from being a demented fisherman, Lawrence is dedicated and trustworthy. He knows how to keep a boat moving, whereas a lot of crew that I have (or haven't) had the pleasure of sailing with tend to just sit back and let the engines do the work—when all that's needed is a little sail trim.

Back to the fishing... It seems that Lawrence's motivation for fishing is driven by one factor. He loves fish head soup! Why? I have no idea. He told me that's what he was brought up on, but I prefer to think of it as him becoming one with nature. Literally.

I sincerely hope Lawrence enjoyed sailing with us so far away from home as we did with him. Thanks, Lawrence. And if I can tempt you to sail to the Indian Ocean with us, the job is yours, regardless. You know you want to!


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