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San Diego's Demolition Derby Print E-mail
Written by Crew Life Staff   
Thursday, 01 November 2007 00:00

“What is all of this junk doing in the boatyard?” a greasy-haired fisherman yelled out to the crew.

Several of us would look over and decide if there was enough time to tell the tale. Driscoll’s boatyard was a mess of old cars and everyone wanted to know what was going on. Rocket Research had invited the crew from M/Y First Home and former engineer from M/Y Orion, to compete in the annual Demolition Derby at the local fair. San Diego would never be the same.

When asked “Why?” The only answer that made sense was “Why not?”

What might have looked like the tail end of a hurricane in the Boatyard was actually the beginnings of the destruction. All six of us had our own “land boats,” each one spectacular in and of itself.

We were all frantically busy tearing off the chrome, knocking out windows, and repositioning gas tanks and battery boxes to the back seat. You have to understand that there is a lot of work that goes into making a performance vehicle for a demolition derby. As the days rolled on, each land boat began to take shape. Once all of our beauties were naked from their teardown, it was time to add character—and the cars were transformed into El Conejo 666, 8 Ball, the Silver Duct Tape wrapped 99x, crazy 69, the Griswald Family Truckster, and of course the vehicle from “Starsky and Hutch.”

By the time the announcer had called out all of the competitors, the cars rolled into the middle of the arena and the smashing of cars began. It was pure chaos. Grab the wheel, put it in reverse, flatten the gas pedals, hold your breath and turn sharply into the competitors’ cars. Each jolt knocked your chests deeper into the steering wheel, but it also sent our spirits soaring higher into the cheering crowd surrounding us. And when the clouds of dust had finally settled on what was left of our beautifully shredded land boats after three matches, we all looked around at each other with a simple smile.

With a sigh of relief that there were no casualties, we all knew that we had beaten this dangerous yet stunning event. Want to do it with us next year?

Special thanks go out to our sponsors: Rocket Research, Driscoll Boat Works, San Diego Marine Exchange, and RoadOne.


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