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Finding Crew in the Caribbean
Written By: Anita Valium
Never before had I been in such a fix for crew as when the owner of the boat told me he wanted it in Italy in six weeks time. "Yyyyyyes," I said, "it's possible!"

After losing a crewmember, I was wondering how I was going to get to the end of the season just hiring temporary crew. I wasn't expecting for a second that I would be packing up my home and heading for Italy to do an entire summer of charters as well.

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My First Week as a Charter Chef
Written By: Carole Connolly Castle
So there I was, standing in the galley of the 42' catamaran, looking up to the deserted cockpit. Although it was vacant at the time, I could clearly envision 6 famished charter guests poised with knife in one hand, fork in the other, rhythmically pounding on the table, chanting: "We want food!" What had I gotten myself into?
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Profile of a Charter Chef: Captain/Chef Rich Cassarino
Written By: Capt. Jan Robinson
For most people, three “inspired” catered meals a day sounds like heaven, but for guests aboard a charter yacht that is what they can expect…all while casually dressed and tucked happily aboard a sumptuous yacht. In fact “Around the World in Seven Days” is what Captain/Chef Richard Cassarino promises you from the galley aboard his 57’ catamaran Priorities cruising the Caribbean and offering international cuisine coupled with great wines.
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Tangled Anchors
Written By: Carole Connolly Castle

So, there I was holding my breath to beat the band, eyes wide open staring at Patty through my flooded snorkel mask, wondering where the underwater stuff was in my job description of catamaran chef/crew. Sheesh!
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That's What Friends are For
Written By: Carole Connolly Castle
So there I was treading water nose to nose with our 50 something male charter guest who was spitting blood, hyperventilating, and on the verge of panic. This is where all your years of Red Cross lifeguard training, and STCW refreshers kick in.
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