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Be Nice and Share
Written By: Sandra Chance
Was my roommate retarded? How did she figure that because I wasn’t drinking for six weeks, a personal detoxification that I do every year, I couldn’t eat pizza? Perhaps I needed to clarify it for her because maybe she plops her pizza in a blender and adds vodka.
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Mia Lindquist
Written By: Nick Marshall
In a new feature, Crew Life asks a stewardess each month to tell us about memorable weather, charter guest questions, and any of the other unforgettable challenges involved in getting the job of a stewardess done each day.
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No Matter What You Take From Me
Written By: Sandra Chance
After a charter on Yacht Alcatraz the female crew would commiserate with one another over smokes and beers. This Circle of Empathy would usually consist of a game of "Compare and Contrast the Injuries Caused by Captain Bligh's Boat" and "How Many Times Did You Cry This Week?" Although charter #3 was not the charter that my legs were so badly swollen that I could not bend my knees and had to march from one place to another like the Gestapo, I did wind up in tears twice that week that transpired into severe hyperventilation from child-like sobbing. These tears of anguish and pain occurred not over a death in the family or a relationship break-up but rather over a bowl of chocolate M & M's and a cappuccino machine.
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Northward Passage
Written By: Marianne Carduner

Seattle.  It's cold here.  I wake up and turn on the heat in the room to get out of bed.  I've gotten spoiled living in Florida this past winter and I'm now faced with a 30 - 40 degree difference in the temperature. And it's simply too cloudy too often.  Maybe that's why I'm nervous about the trip I've signed up for. 
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Spontaneous Internal Combustion
Written By: Jeanine Croft
I swiped irritably at the perspiration forming on my brow and continued scrubbing viciously at the manky dirt stains on the little boat's interior. Despite my aggressive scrubbing, the mould and muck remained stubbornly within the corners and crevices - my muscles had been abused!
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